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Daniel Neeson Launches an Eco-Friendly Clothing Line


Mix Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, and a famous last name and you've got Pine Outfitters, the environmentally-conscious clothing line founded by Liam Neeson's son, Daniel Neeson.

“Obviously, you get a big cliché," the commendably self-aware 20-year-old told WWD last week at the launch of his first pop-up shop in New York City. "Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, another celebrity son doing a fashion line,’ or becoming an actor and stuff like that. For me, it came naturally. My father’s been really supportive along the way. Whatever endeavor I decide, he’s been on my back helping me, not just emotionally, but supporting what I do. He really loves that. I can’t be more thankful for that.”

It's true that Neeson joins the likes of Cordell Broadus, Snoop Dogg's son, who recently collaborated with Joyrich; Tallulah Willis, who briefly did her own line of shirts and hoodies; and Tory Burch's nieces, Neely and Chloe Burch, who launched their own eponymous handbag line. But Pine Outfitters sets itself apart with a proactive mission statement: “Embrace your wild side,” and “save trees.” For each product Pine Outfitters sells, the brand will plant a tree in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. It's sort of like Toms shoes, but for t-shirts, which have been sported by the likes of Andy Cohen.